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ethan: can you play manboy for me
me: why would i have manboy on my ipod
ethan: why would you NOT have manboy on your ipod?



Did anyone even bother to read the article attached to that post that claims “Pluto is a planet again?” all it says is that two scientists had a debate and asked the audience what their opinion was, and the audience said Pluto is a planet

Literally nothing has changed if you check the NASA website there’s nothing about Pluto except that it’s a dwarf planet and the New Horizons spacecraft will be reaching it in 2015 (holy shit I didn’t know that AHHH that’s so exciting)

But seriously check your sources

Yeeeessssssss.  Furthermore, if people think that wanting Pluto to be a planet again is enough to make it a planet again, then they need to consider the fact that Pluto is no longer a proper planet is because there are  other things out there that are larger than Pluto, as well as have similarly odd or cluttered orbits, so if they think Pluto should be a full-blown planet again, then they should also embrace Ceres* and Haumea and Makemake and Eris and whatever else hasn’t yet been discovered.

And I betcha they don’t wanna do that, either.

*As a matter of fact, Ceres was considered a proper planet for about 50 years.  Pluto was considered a planet for only half again as long as that.  UNDERSTANDING CHANGES.  THAT’S WHAT MAKES SCIENCE SCIENCE.

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Anonymous said: your new picture is really nice

wtf this is so sweet im cry…….. thank u whoever you are cause i had a rough mornin and this made my day 10000x better 

lucid blog

lucid blog

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully


she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

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James McAvoy OUT Magazine photoshoot. [X]

“You come in, kick the doors open, and give them something, That’s easier to do in a professional environment after having had three years failing at drama school. Some people love drama school; some people hate it. I took a lot from it.”

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i love planet earth and the fact that is an actual real creature

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